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Enterprise Imaging Specialist strengthens APAC team

September, 2018

Change Healthcare is happy to welcome Enterprise Imaging Specialist, Geden Ganesan. Geden has a clinical background in imaging and having worked commercially. “I have good insight into what customers are looking for in an imaging partner,” he says. “What I’ll be doing for Change Healthcare is growing our presence in the APAC region through clinical partnerships.”

Geden started his career as a clinician, working in St Vincent’s Hospital as a Nuclear Medicine Technologist, then entered the commercial world first working with Toshiba Medical Systems and subsequently Canon Medical Systems.

Along with his clinical experience, Geden also brings to the table the ability to champion “the voice of the customer”, as well as being able to see the big picture when it comes to imaging – no pun intended. “I enjoy working with both internal and external stakeholders,” he says. “It’s my job to make sure their needs are met.”

Geden’s experience includes working with organisations to deploy technology that is directly changing clinical pathways and improving patient outcomes. He notes that the health industry is constantly evolving, and technology has a major part to play. “It can drastically improve clinical outcomes,” he observes.

Geden’s decision to move to Change Healthcare was influenced by our policy of putting customers first, with the resources available to make sure the customer experience is always a positive one. “Great team, great products, fantastic ongoing support,” he says, enthused by the potential he sees in the health informatics space.

When Geden’s not at work, he enjoys spending time with his wife Vicky, travelling locally or visiting places far and wide. “Or I can be found playing indoor or outdoor cricket in summer and squash/badminton in winter,” he says. “I’m an avid car enthusiast, and in the process of restoring a classic Benz.”

Find out more about Geden at his LinkedIn profile.

Change Healthcare appoint former GE top gun to grow cardiology business in Australia and New Zealand

May, 2018

Joel Archbald

Change Healthcare is happy to welcome Joel Archbald. An Alumni of University of QLD and the Australian Graduate School of Management Joel, formerly of GE Healthcare and Johnson & Johnson, where he was also involved in the cardiology business, says “Both provided great opportunities to develop and work on key customer challenges.”

A Cardiac Scientist by profession, Joel’s interest in the industry stems from the interesting opportunities that are always popping up. “It’s always changing,” he says. “Growing a business and implementing product firsts is always exciting. It’s often a culmination of plenty of work and some sleepless nights but the moment is always worth it.”

Joel was attracted to Change Healthcare by their commitment to delivering better outcomes to their customers. “They’re always evolving,” he explains. “They have a great set of capabilities that can operationalise the technology to provide meaningful outcomes across the cardiac space.”

Joel brings with him to his new role persistence, the ability to effectively plan and execute, and efficiency tempered with a good sense of humour. “I like to have a laugh,” he says. “It’s a pretty simple outlook that doesn’t just apply to work life.”

And speaking of interests outside of work, Joel loves anything to do with sport, and spending time with his wife, Emily, and two young sons Mack and Nash. “My wife is amazing,” he says. “My family make everything possible and provide a good sense of reality that the sun will still come up tomorrow and ask the tough questions of ‘what’s for dinner?’”

Find out more about Joel at his LinkedIn profile.

Change Healthcare strengthens Australia’s Workforce Solutions team with sector rising star

October, 2017
Cheens Lee

Cheens Lee, Change Healthcare’s new Senior Sales Executive

Health information specialist and experienced sales manager Cheens Lee has been appointed Change Healthcare’s new Senior Sales Executive. Based in Australia, Cheens has over 10 years of expertise working with health information with hospitals, in management roles and most recently as a business development manager at Telstra Health.

KLAS rated Change Healthcare solution as #1 in workforce solutions. It’s big in the US but its footprint isn’t as big in the Australasian market yet,” says Cheens. “I’m here to inform the market, speak to potential customers who are in line for this sort of solution, and get the solution implemented in health services.”

Unlike a lot of sales people in the health industry, Cheens has a project and implementation background. That gives him a strong understanding of the follow through once a product’s sold, what’s required in terms of implementation and support.

Through selling patient flow solutions at Telstra Health, Cheens gained a deep understanding of how organisations can understand their patient demand and how to optimise that flow.

“There’s always a bigger demand than capacity at hospitals,” says Cheens. “That’s a nice lead in to the workforce solutions because once you understand your demand and your capacity, the other thing is optimising your resources and the workforce solution allows you to do that, particularly staffing. And staffing is your biggest cost.”

Cheens has a Bachelor of Health Information Management (Honours) at La Trobe University and a Master of Professional Accounting at Monash University.

“By training I have a health information manager background which focussed on medical records, so my interest is certainly in electronic medical records and eHealth, and the efficiencies they bring to the health system, because the processes and practices are still very much paper based and manual,” says Cheens. “Transitioning them into an electronic, visual environment, there’s huge efficiencies to be had, and health services are making it a priority.”

Cheens is also the Vice President of Health Information Management Association of Australia. He sits on a number of their committees, including finance and audit, business development, and the conference committee. “That gives me a reach with my network in hospitals across Australia,” says Cheens. “It keeps me abreast of issues around health information management which goes hand in hand with eHealth roll outs.”

Cheens is passionate about the value the health industry brings to the lives of Australians and New Zealanders. “I always wanted to be involved in the sector, but didn’t want to be involved in the clinical side,” says Cheens. “This is a nice way of being involved, enabling doctors and nurses to actually get on with their work and not be mired down with the administrative stuff.

“I’m very passionate about the eHealth industry in Australia. I like the change management aspect of it, in terms of what these solutions can do and how they can transform these health services to be a bit more agile.

“Staffing is the biggest cost for hospitals and if you can optimise that in a safe way for patients, hospitals can gain huge financial advantages from that.”

Cheens is looking forward to experiencing the transformation in efficiency that Change Healthcare is bringing to the health industry across Australia and New Zealand. “We’re just beginning that process in terms of digital eHealth adoption,” says Cheens. “It’s been a long journey and there’s been a lot of steps taken around EMR (electronic medical records) implementation in recent years.

“Hospitals are still very much using manual processes around the operational efficiency side, and workforce is one of them. There’s some dated solutions in the market place and that’s where Change Healthcare has a role to play in terms of optimising resourcing with our leading-edge solutions.”

In Cheens’ spare time he loves travelling, playing indoor soccer, and ‘late night’ television (he’s a big fan of David Letterman).

View Cheens’ LinkedIn profile here.

Radiology and Cardiology solutions update

October, 2017

In this rapidly changing sector, having access to the best healthcare technology available is essential.  This includes highly efficient implementation and support from a local team who understand the needs of Australian and New Zealand healthcare professionals.

Due to the completion of our agency agreement with Device Technologies Australia Pty Ltd (Device Technologies), Change Healthcare is delighted to announce that, from next month, we will now directly provision and support our innovative Radiology and Cardiology solutions by specialised local staff.

Change Healthcare is one of the world’s largest, independent healthcare technology companies.  Providing software, analytics, network solutions and technology enabled services, Change Healthcare is a dedicated health IT company that is innovative, agile and delivers what’s needed.

Our Radiology and Cardiology solutions are implemented in more than 2850 facilities globally managing 68 million diagnostic imaging studies annually. We welcome the addition of this business to our already successful capacity and workforce management business in Australia and New Zealand.  The expanded offering means that we can deliver more value to our existing and prospective customers and support them locally.

This is a key milestone in our strategy to expand our offering in the region and will provide customers added comfort and assurance that Change Healthcare is committed to the Australian and New Zealand Healthcare sector.

Change Healthcare has a strong global heritage and we’d love to introduce your organisation to our market leading Radiology and Cardiology solutions.  Please contact us for a meeting if the innovative technology that is depended on by others in the health sector could also be right for you.

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