Workflow Orchestration

Smart workflow starts with a smart worklist

Achieving workflow efficiency in imaging not only saves time and money, it helps you improve quality and meet regulatory requirements. But it’s challenging to make improvements without the right tools.

Fortunately, there’s Conserus Workflow Intelligence™ – an integrated platform that helps your radiologists consolidate and access their quality, communication, and interpretation tasks in one unified worklist. It gives them the flexibility and intelligence they need to be successful in today’s complex reading environment.

Conserus Workflow Intelligence assigns a priority to each study based on patient location, sub-speciality, procedure type, complexity, eligibility, escalation, age, and more. Using a set of configurable triggers, the solution integrates best practices to help you manage quality and regulatory requirements; it routes each task or study to the most appropriate radiologist based on specialty or availability. Tasks are dynamically escalated and reassigned as they become more urgent. In addition to image interpretation, the solution supports a full range of quality workflows, including blind peer review, mammo image review, critical test results management and more.

Conserus Workflow Intelligence is an enterprise, vendor-neutral solution that fits into your current IT environment and offers you analytics so you can measure your workflows to see what’s working and where you can still improve.

Use Modern Tools to Streamline Your Workflow:

  • Improve productivity by aligning demand with supply. Dynamic assignment automatically escalates and assigns studies to the most appropriate, available physician
  • Drive collaboration across the enterprise through a smart, universal worklist that incorporates quality and interpretations tasks in one place
  • Improve efficiency by contributing to quicker turnaround times and reduced length of stay
  • Facilitate communication through collaboration tools and automated notifications
  • Measure and improve quality through best practice workflows like Anonymous Peer Review, Critical Results, Technologist Review, ED Radiology Communication, Mammo Image Review, and custom workflows that meet your facility’s unique needs
  • Measure your performance and visualise your data through robust, flexible analytics

To learn more about Conserus Workflow Intelligence, please contact us.


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