Radiology Data Optimisation

Change Healthcare Imaging Fellow helps radiologists save time and improve productivity

Change Healthcare Imaging Fellow pulls relevant clinical data from the EMR and PACS, and presents it to radiologists as part of their reading workflow. Based on the clinical scenario, information like filtered clinical notes, related lab values, pertinent pathology results, medications and more, is delivered to the point of care. This information in the imaging cockpit gives the radiologist a more complete view of the patient’s longitudinal record.

Change Healthcare Imaging Fellow Helps Organisations:

  • Connect EMR data to the point of care
    • Zero footprint web viewer
    • Fast, easy access to relevant patient information in the imaging cockpit
    • Designed with imaging domain expertise so radiologists can get relevant information quickly and easily
  • Leverage existing investments
    • Integrates with EMRs to find and access existing relevant clinical data so radiologists don’t have to search for it
    • Intelligently synthesises information from the EMR to help transform data to insight
    • Improve radiologists’ efficiency by bringing the data to them

Change Healthcare Imaging Fellow Includes:

  • Robust workflow configuration and customisation
    • Context-sensitive view of relevant clinical data
    • Designed for imaging workflow and configured to fit into a radiologist’s reading practice, including intelligent display or priors, access to clinical notes, and reports
    • Configurable at the enterprise or facility level

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  Change Healthcare Imaging Fellow Fact Sheet

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