Enterprise Visibility

Hospitals choose Enterprise Visibility to bring transparency to ward management, achieving patient flow efficiencies, clinical care improvements and sustained process change.

Enterprise Visibility is a hospital intelligence system that enables patient care coordination from admission to discharge. Deliver real time intelligence to stakeholders across your hospital, providing timely details about patient status and location, delays and bottlenecks, even rounding schedules.

It does this by aggregating real-time data from across your hospital, including data from clinical, environmental services, patient administration and transport systems. This data is translated into intuitive, visual icons that are displayed against geospatial maps of your hospital’s floorplan. These displays are then broadcast on a network of large-screen electronic boards at nursing stations and in the executive suite. Custom views can also be displayed on desktops and mobile devices, which helps ensure all stakeholders are on the same page.

Beginning with arrival, Enterprise Visibility tracks each patient’s activity from duration in the OR and ancillary departments to transitions in care. Putting a discharge plan in place upon admission and broadcasting, enables physicians and staff to proactively aim for a target discharge date — and meet it.

Clinicians can quickly identify patients with critical lab results, new orders or pending events. Telling caregivers exactly what is going on with their patients at all times — at a glance, without interrupting their workflow — is critical to managing length of stay.

Improving your view

  • Increased transparency and accountability
  • Greater patient flow and efficiency
  • Improved cross hospital engagement
  • Sustained process improvements
  • A better, safer patient experience

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