Cardiology Solutions

Designed to help ensure specialty care departments and care teams across the cardiovascular service line are connected, Change Healthcare’s cardiology solution helps you meet your enterprise imaging needs for clinical quality, operational excellence, and financial growth.

Our cardiology solution streamlines data management into a single Cardiovascular Information System (CVIS) platform, allowing you to aggregate the data and help improve the quality of care provided to patients. The interoperable system also provides secure, multifacility support for reporting, user permissions, charge codes, EMR, and multiple assigning systems.

Our cardiology solutions help you:

Improve Patient Workflow

Enhance and streamline workflow to deliver improved, high quality, and appropriate patient care.

Optimise Performance

Robust analytics provide operational intelligence to departments to help organisations meet performance goals, understand future departmental expansion needs, and plan resource requirements.

Connect and Coordinate Care

A single point of connectivity to your EMR/VNA helps reduce duplicate data entry and streamlines interoperability. Cardiovascular patient data is accessible in one place by the right person and at the right time.

Future Proof Your Investment

The single database solution consolidates traditional silos found in cardiology. A modular design provides a future-proof solution, one that is scalable and can expand as your department grows.

Invasive Solutions

Cath Lab

  • Provides a complete cardiovascular record including images, reports, and waveforms, along with integrated charge capture and inventory management
  • Helps reduce redundant data entry and potential errors
  • Helps improve efficiency and charge capture for both technical and professional services
  • Fosters reliable flow of information for quality clinical outcomes


  • Streamlines the workflow through the EP department and includes:
    • Structured reporting
    • Integration with leading EP recording systems
    • Device management
    • Charge capture
    • Registry data collection/submission

Hemodynamic Monitoring

  • Provides comprehensive hemodynamic monitoring, recording, and information for cath and EP labs
  • Uses an intuitive user-interface that collects/displays waveforms, hemodynamic and procedural data, and signatures that automatically populate the physician report
  • Offers seamless integration with our Nurse Charting and Holding Area Charting applications

Registry Submission

  • Enables you to streamline registry participation/data collection by automating many processes and validating reports without disrupting the daily workflow of clinicians and administrators

Non-Invasive Solutions

Echo, Vascular and Nuclear Medicine

  • Comprehensive support for echo, stress and vascular ultrasound
  • Streamlines clinician reporting with:
    • Automatic measurement import from modalities
    • Automatic range checking and sentence generation
    • ASE finding statements
    • Fast, easy reporting capability
  • Congenital echo support for fetal-to-adult patients:
    • Accelerates reporting by carrying forward previous procedure information, and ‘single-click’ report building using disease templates
    • Aids in decision support by providing graphical measurement trending along with Z-score calculations
  • Comprehensive support for 3D/4D ultrasound, nuclear and stress cardiology, with integrations to industry-leading third-party, post-processing packages and a robust reporting module

ECG Management with ECG Mobile

  • Web-based system providing an end-to-end solution for 12 or 15-lead rest, stress, and Holter ECGs
  • Receives ECGs from a multi-vendor list of carts, bedside monitors, stress machines, and Holter analysis stations

Enterprise Data Management

We support a multifacility system with flexibility to address each facility’s unique EMR interoperability, reporting, user permissions, inventory tracking, charge codes, and multiple assigning systems. Our analytics provide operational intelligence to help departments meet performance goals, plan resource requirements, and understand expansion needs, while our modular design is scalable and can expand as your service line grows.

Installation, Service, and Support

We know a successful CVIS implementation is more than just installing technology and setting-up the system. User satisfaction, solution adoption, and enterprise interoperability are the hallmarks of success.

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