Capacity Planner

Empowering decision-makers with insights into demand and resource management.

Capacity Planner is an operational planning tool that uses the power of predictive analytics to reliably forecast patient demand far enough in advance to better align capacity and staffing resources with only minor adjustments on any given day.

Get ahead of the patient demand curve

Improving capacity management is at the heart of empowering hospitals to confront a key strategic issue: coping with increased patient demand and rising costs while funding becomes ever more constrained.

Capacity management is tied to patient demand, and few organisations believe they can accurately forecast that demand far enough in advance to be proactive. As a result, many aspects of capacity planning, including staffing, are handled reactively. Executives and managers are always thinking on their feet, realigning resources on the fly. Reactive means expensive.

Capacity Planner provides a new way of looking at the problem, a new perspective for hospital managers.

Plan for tomorrow, deal with today, learn from yesterday

Capacity Planner enables you to plan over both the long term and short term. Strategic (3–5 year) and budgetary (1–2 year) forecasts are used for long-term planning based on historical trends.

Scheduling (1–4 month) and operational (1–7 day) projections enable resource managers to adjust near-term plans by also accounting for current hospital status.

Capacity Planner also provides the tools required to monitor progress against forecast and respond to changes in the environment that impact capacity so you can stay on course. Reports for monitoring performance enable you to compare targets against actual acute and elective occupancy, scheduled staff and hours per patient day.

Improve visibility and control

  • Make key strategic decisions about enterprise capacity and analyse the impact of those decisions on financial and operational performance
  • Helps reduce labour costs and variability while enabling resource owners to justify staffing decisions and budget variances
  • Helps reduce average length of stay and wait times
  • Promote staff satisfaction and reduce turnover by enabling proactive, not reactive, rostering.

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