Change Healthcare Solutions

Change Healthcare partners with hospitals in Australia and New Zealand to change their view of how to achieve significant and sustained improvements to operational efficiency. We work with them to optimise their operations within existing financial, capacity and staffing constraints.

By changing their view of how best to optimise their operational efficiency, we enable our hospital clients to:

  • Achieve significant workforce productivity improvements
  • Improve patient flow to achieve average length of stay reductions
  • Ensuring quality patient outcomes are achieved efficiently


Partner with Change Healthcare to enable long-term investment decisions that better match funding streams (especially on workforce). Our solutions enable hospitals to build accurate long range forecast and staffing plans to account for seasonal variations, and align skill mix and staffing with those plans.

You can achieve reduced labour costs by optimising short-term matching of workforce resources to patient demand. We enable prediction of short-term staffing to reduce beds open, overtime costs and short notice leave.

Patient flow

Change Healthcare enables you to better identify capacity issues across the whole organisation earlier and respond proactively. Find increased available capacity by empowering managers to find and solve bottlenecks (e.g. long stay patients).

Quality patient outcomes

Match workforce to patient demand forecast while meeting quality of care goals. For example, Change Healthcare solutions will allow you to flex staffing based on ward by ward assessment of patient acuity. You can also achieve reduced overtime and sick leave due to burn-out from poorly matched skill mix to acuity.

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