Change Healthcare enables our clients to achieve a range of strategic and operational outcomes, based on gaining the ability to plan for tomorrow, deal with today and learn from yesterday.


Change Healthcare’s information technology solutions empower hospitals to change their view, gaining the visibility and control of resource and capacity that leads to significant and sustained improvements to operational efficiency.

Our clients gain a complete picture of patient demand, staffing and resources on a prospective basis. They can accurately predict your patient demand and forecast your required staffing on an annual, quarterly and daily basis. And their executives and senior managers and front line leaders are empowered to make proactive capacity management decisions.

The tangible outcomes of utilising our solutions include:

Strategic execution

Change Healthcare solutions (Capacity Planner, ANSOS™ Staff Scheduling Workforce Management Suite and Performance Visibility) integrate hospital operational data so you have the visibility to make informed, strategic decisions around resources and capacity, and have the confidence to execute them effectively.

Annual/long range planning

Change Healthcare’s proactive capacity management process involves developing an annual patient demand forecast using historical data, algorithms, clinical input and average length of stay. Our clients then work with Change Healthcare to translate this annual patient demand forecast into bed and staff forecasts and to calculate required staffing, which can flow through to workforce rostering.

Medium term/quarterly planning

On a medium term or quarterly basis, senior hospital managers can use Capacity Planner to develop bed plans, theatre plans and staffing plans. They “phase” the budget based on resourced beds for each month.

Senior managers can staff for peaks and troughs in capacity and vacancies within services. For example, during seasonal peaks and troughs, senior managers will increase or decrease available leave including educational leave and vacation leave.

Daily planning

On a daily basis, senior managers use Change Healthcare solutions to compare ‘projected’ to ‘actual’ ins and outs for today and the next seven days, and to identify negative and positive variances in resourced beds. They then take proactive steps to pull levers to manage negative and positive variances in resourced beds like closing planned resourced beds or opening unplanned resourced beds.

OR optimisation

Hospital managers can optimise the surgical schedule to maximise the utilisation of ORs and smooth out the impact of surgeries on inpatient demand. They can engage physicians in a proactive, productive discussion about OR schedules/utilisation and the impact of OR schedules/utilisation on inpatient staffing. And they have the ability to analyse the impact of booked cases and events, e.g., surgeon out sick, on OR utilisation and inpatient staffing.

Acuity management

Change Healthcare’s integrated solution suite delivers unique outcomes to hospitals. Staffing needs to be balanced with acuity and activity, and by proactively managing outliers, you reduce patient acuity.

Our integrated suite of solutions enables nurses and their managers to manage acuity at the local and organisational level. At the local level, charge nurses use Capacity Planner and ANSOS Staff Scheduling together to identify the acuity of patients on their units and ask for additional resources, if necessary.

But unless you also manage acuity at the organisational level your approach will be fragmented, resulting in staffing above the budgeted matrix. By using ANSOS Staff Scheduling in conjunction with Capacity Planner, senior managers can redeploy staff across the hospital based on a broader picture of hospital activity.

Care coordination

Change Healthcare solutions provide the visibility to enable coordination of care across the hospital, e.g., to identify hot spots and where resources are required. Planner facilitates the coordination of care across the hospital, e.g., facilitates the identification of and a discussion about hot spots and where resources are required. Overall, Capacity Planner makes hospitals a simpler, smaller place to work. Everyone gets the same data and is working off of the same playbook.

Patient flow management

Capacity Planner enable hospitals to identify and respond to bottlenecks e.g., long stay patients. You can take a proactive approach to admissions, discharges and transfers. Anticipating the downstream impact on inpatient units of ED admissions and flow-on effects of events e.g. surgeon sick, on inpatient demand and staffing requirements.

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