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Change Healthcare has announced the appointment of Richard Turner as Executive Director of International Operations, based out of London.

December, 2018

3rd December, London: In his new position, Richard will be responsible for Change Healthcare’s operations, customer success strategy, and commercial management and financial results. His responsibilities also include leading the international country directors and territory teams, reporting to Rick Gary, VP and Chief Operating Officer.

“I am delighted to join the Change Healthcare team as Executive Director of International Operations,” Richard said. “This is an exciting time for the company across our growth markets, which include Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, and my home country, the U.K. My focus is to continue to deliver excellent services to our international customers and organize the business for continued growth.”

Richard has a proven track record of delivering, developing, and supporting healthcare information services across Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia-Pacific countries by building and leading skilled and appropriately deployed teams. His previous experience includes implementing system deployment projects from both supplier and client perspectives.
Richard was most recently at Ascom, a global solutions provider focused on healthcare ICT and mobile workflow solutions. Before that he held increasingly responsible positions with the U.K.’s National Health Service, Carestream Health, and GE Healthcare.

“I am very pleased to have Richard in his role and as part of our senior leadership team,” said Rick Gary, Change Healthcare VP and COO. “He brings a wealth of knowledge and broad experience with him that will help us shape our international business. Richard is joining Change Healthcare at an exciting time as we continue to grow and develop our customer relationships, and I’m confident that he will have a truly positive impact on the organisation.”

Enterprise Imaging Specialist strengthens APAC team

September, 2018

Change Healthcare is happy to welcome Enterprise Imaging Specialist, Geden Ganesan. Geden has a clinical background in imaging and having worked commercially. “I have good insight into what customers are looking for in an imaging partner,” he says. “What I’ll be doing for Change Healthcare is growing our presence in the APAC region through clinical partnerships.”

Geden started his career as a clinician, working in St Vincent’s Hospital as a Nuclear Medicine Technologist, then entered the commercial world first working with Toshiba Medical Systems and subsequently Canon Medical Systems.

Along with his clinical experience, Geden also brings to the table the ability to champion “the voice of the customer”, as well as being able to see the big picture when it comes to imaging – no pun intended. “I enjoy working with both internal and external stakeholders,” he says. “It’s my job to make sure their needs are met.”

Geden’s experience includes working with organisations to deploy technology that is directly changing clinical pathways and improving patient outcomes. He notes that the health industry is constantly evolving, and technology has a major part to play. “It can drastically improve clinical outcomes,” he observes.

Geden’s decision to move to Change Healthcare was influenced by our policy of putting customers first, with the resources available to make sure the customer experience is always a positive one. “Great team, great products, fantastic ongoing support,” he says, enthused by the potential he sees in the health informatics space.

When Geden’s not at work, he enjoys spending time with his wife Vicky, travelling locally or visiting places far and wide. “Or I can be found playing indoor or outdoor cricket in summer and squash/badminton in winter,” he says. “I’m an avid car enthusiast, and in the process of restoring a classic Benz.”

Find out more about Geden at his LinkedIn profile.

Change Healthcare appoint former GE top gun to grow cardiology business in Australia and New Zealand

May, 2018

Joel Archbald

Change Healthcare is happy to welcome Joel Archbald. An Alumni of University of QLD and the Australian Graduate School of Management Joel, formerly of GE Healthcare and Johnson & Johnson, where he was also involved in the cardiology business, says “Both provided great opportunities to develop and work on key customer challenges.”

A Cardiac Scientist by profession, Joel’s interest in the industry stems from the interesting opportunities that are always popping up. “It’s always changing,” he says. “Growing a business and implementing product firsts is always exciting. It’s often a culmination of plenty of work and some sleepless nights but the moment is always worth it.”

Joel was attracted to Change Healthcare by their commitment to delivering better outcomes to their customers. “They’re always evolving,” he explains. “They have a great set of capabilities that can operationalise the technology to provide meaningful outcomes across the cardiac space.”

Joel brings with him to his new role persistence, the ability to effectively plan and execute, and efficiency tempered with a good sense of humour. “I like to have a laugh,” he says. “It’s a pretty simple outlook that doesn’t just apply to work life.”

And speaking of interests outside of work, Joel loves anything to do with sport, and spending time with his wife, Emily, and two young sons Mack and Nash. “My wife is amazing,” he says. “My family make everything possible and provide a good sense of reality that the sun will still come up tomorrow and ask the tough questions of ‘what’s for dinner?’”

Find out more about Joel at his LinkedIn profile.

eHealth expo about to kick off with Change Healthcare as Platinum Sponsor

April, 2018

Change Healthcare are excited to be back at eHealth expo for the third year running.

A key event in the digital healthcare calendar, eHealth’s annual expo showcases some of the latest and greatest in digital healthcare innovation. It’s a one-day event held at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre on June 7, and in an action-packed, full-on day, it brings together professionals from across the healthcare spectrum to learn about what’s new in digital healthcare.

Last year, the program covered topics from eHealth for rural communities, to the efficient use of resources through new systems and technology advancement. This year is shaping up to be even more exciting. A comprehensive program of speakers and presentations for 2018 is in development and will be released in the coming months.

It’s also a fantastic opportunity to meet and greet people from all across the healthcare industry, and it’s why Change Healthcare are delighted to be back for the third year running as a Platinum Sponsor. With our range of software, analytics, network solutions and technology-enabled services, this is an important event for us.

“We are delighted to be supporting the great work being done by Queensland Health in the digital healthcare sector by returning for a third year as Platinum sponsors,” said Kimber Rothwell, Territory Vice President, Sales for Change Healthcare Asia Pacific.

Dr Richard Ashby, Queensland Health’s Chief Information Officer and Chief Executive of eHealth Queensland, welcomed Change Healthcare back and says the expo will celebrate exciting possibilities for advancing healthcare.

“Change Healthcare returning as Platinum Sponsor for a third year is a clear indication of the success of eHealth Expo in fostering collaboration to advance healthcare through digital innovation. We look forward to again working with Change Healthcare to deliver another exciting and successful event.

“The expo allows us to get together with clinicians, healthcare professionals, partners, industry and academia to talk about what has been achieved in digital healthcare in Queensland and to talk about our exciting future.

“Advanced analytics, big data, genomics and further developments on the ieMR will help to make huge improvements in the quality of patient care.”

Visit the expo website for more information on this upcoming event.

Change Healthcare strengthens Australia’s Workforce Solutions team with sector rising star

October, 2017
Cheens Lee

Cheens Lee, Change Healthcare’s new Senior Sales Executive

Health information specialist and experienced sales manager Cheens Lee has been appointed Change Healthcare’s new Senior Sales Executive. Based in Australia, Cheens has over 10 years of expertise working with health information with hospitals, in management roles and most recently as a business development manager at Telstra Health.

KLAS rated Change Healthcare solution as #1 in workforce solutions. It’s big in the US but its footprint isn’t as big in the Australasian market yet,” says Cheens. “I’m here to inform the market, speak to potential customers who are in line for this sort of solution, and get the solution implemented in health services.”

Unlike a lot of sales people in the health industry, Cheens has a project and implementation background. That gives him a strong understanding of the follow through once a product’s sold, what’s required in terms of implementation and support.

Through selling patient flow solutions at Telstra Health, Cheens gained a deep understanding of how organisations can understand their patient demand and how to optimise that flow.

“There’s always a bigger demand than capacity at hospitals,” says Cheens. “That’s a nice lead in to the workforce solutions because once you understand your demand and your capacity, the other thing is optimising your resources and the workforce solution allows you to do that, particularly staffing. And staffing is your biggest cost.”

Cheens has a Bachelor of Health Information Management (Honours) at La Trobe University and a Master of Professional Accounting at Monash University.

“By training I have a health information manager background which focussed on medical records, so my interest is certainly in electronic medical records and eHealth, and the efficiencies they bring to the health system, because the processes and practices are still very much paper based and manual,” says Cheens. “Transitioning them into an electronic, visual environment, there’s huge efficiencies to be had, and health services are making it a priority.”

Cheens is also the Vice President of Health Information Management Association of Australia. He sits on a number of their committees, including finance and audit, business development, and the conference committee. “That gives me a reach with my network in hospitals across Australia,” says Cheens. “It keeps me abreast of issues around health information management which goes hand in hand with eHealth roll outs.”

Cheens is passionate about the value the health industry brings to the lives of Australians and New Zealanders. “I always wanted to be involved in the sector, but didn’t want to be involved in the clinical side,” says Cheens. “This is a nice way of being involved, enabling doctors and nurses to actually get on with their work and not be mired down with the administrative stuff.

“I’m very passionate about the eHealth industry in Australia. I like the change management aspect of it, in terms of what these solutions can do and how they can transform these health services to be a bit more agile.

“Staffing is the biggest cost for hospitals and if you can optimise that in a safe way for patients, hospitals can gain huge financial advantages from that.”

Cheens is looking forward to experiencing the transformation in efficiency that Change Healthcare is bringing to the health industry across Australia and New Zealand. “We’re just beginning that process in terms of digital eHealth adoption,” says Cheens. “It’s been a long journey and there’s been a lot of steps taken around EMR (electronic medical records) implementation in recent years.

“Hospitals are still very much using manual processes around the operational efficiency side, and workforce is one of them. There’s some dated solutions in the market place and that’s where Change Healthcare has a role to play in terms of optimising resourcing with our leading-edge solutions.”

In Cheens’ spare time he loves travelling, playing indoor soccer, and ‘late night’ television (he’s a big fan of David Letterman).

View Cheens’ LinkedIn profile here.

Radiology and Cardiology solutions update

October, 2017

In this rapidly changing sector, having access to the best healthcare technology available is essential.  This includes highly efficient implementation and support from a local team who understand the needs of Australian and New Zealand healthcare professionals.

Due to the completion of our agency agreement with Device Technologies Australia Pty Ltd (Device Technologies), Change Healthcare is delighted to announce that, from next month, we will now directly provision and support our innovative Radiology and Cardiology solutions by specialised local staff.

Change Healthcare is one of the world’s largest, independent healthcare technology companies.  Providing software, analytics, network solutions and technology enabled services, Change Healthcare is a dedicated health IT company that is innovative, agile and delivers what’s needed.

Our Radiology and Cardiology solutions are implemented in more than 2850 facilities globally managing 68 million diagnostic imaging studies annually. We welcome the addition of this business to our already successful capacity and workforce management business in Australia and New Zealand.  The expanded offering means that we can deliver more value to our existing and prospective customers and support them locally.

This is a key milestone in our strategy to expand our offering in the region and will provide customers added comfort and assurance that Change Healthcare is committed to the Australian and New Zealand Healthcare sector.

Change Healthcare has a strong global heritage and we’d love to introduce your organisation to our market leading Radiology and Cardiology solutions.  Please contact us for a meeting if the innovative technology that is depended on by others in the health sector could also be right for you.

QLD eHealth Expo a great success

May, 2017

Following the very successful QLD eHealth Expo on May 17, Change Healthcare acknowledges the wonderful work in Queensland as we all embrace and focus on the digital transformation in healthcare that is now part of our everyday.

The theme of this year’s expo: Operation Digital: Patient. Clinician. Technology, articulated the power of models of care which have patient co-design at the heart, and the use of technology to support clinicians in delivery of safe and efficient care.

As we anticipated, the QLD eHealth expo brought great minds together with individual and shared experiences, values and ideas. Attendees were challenged, excited and inspired, heard about tangible solutions and received great advice on how to travel the eHealth journey.

Change Healthcare congratulate Dr Richard Ashby and all the eHealth QLD team on a wonderful day. We feel privileged to have been part of it and look forward to the eHealth Expo 2018.

Change Healthcare recognises and appreciates the work nurses do every day

May, 2017

The art and science of nursing is acknowledged today and every day at Change Healthcare. As part of the interdisciplinary team, nurses make a unique contribution to patient care in a multitude of settings. The annual Gallup honesty/ethics poll confirmed nursing as the leading profession when it comes to ethics and honesty since 2001, with the latest survey conducted in December 2016. The report concluded, “On the front-line nurses are in the position to collaborate with patients and use their influence to empower them to take control of their healthcare needs.”

In line with this year’s International Nurses Day theme, Nurses: A Voice to Lead, Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, and acknowledging healthcare is undergoing transformational change, with eHealth playing a driving force, Change Healthcare aims to support nurses and all clinicians to play a pivotal role in the design and implementation of our solutions to better support patient outcomes and health service delivery.

Today there are many eHealth models in place such as telemedicine, telehealth, mHealth, welfare technology, and smart home technology.  Nursing brings a wealth of knowledge which can positively influence future development and eHealth is an important tool for nurses to meet future challenges.

The application of eHealth has transformative benefits, as it:

  • develops healthcare services that are more accessible for patients
  • supports a safer and more efficient patient journey through the system
  • contributes to satisfactory documentation routines and efficient information flow
  • strengthens professional guidance and collaboration within and between professional groups and organisations
  • will enable replacement of physical visits with long-distance contact
  • will enable health promotion and transition to models of wellness, particularly in the chronic disease groups
  • will simplify involvement of patient, family member and volunteers
  • ensures satisfactory continuity of patient follow-up
  • will contribute to development of the role of the nursing and midwifery profession.

The introduction and use of eHealth must occur in line with ethical principles: respect, advocacy, participation in decision-making, dignity and confidentiality. Continuing to provide patient care that is evidence-based with compassion and kindness, is one of the many unique contributions nurses can make. In addition, they can also play a lead role in the design of eHealth solutions and models of care.

Change Healthcare welcomes the opportunity to work with you and looks forward to what we can produce together now and into the future. Click here to contact us.

Change Healthcare secures top talent, appoints new Director of Clinical Engagement

May, 2017

Róisín Dunne joined the Change Healthcare Australia New Zealand (ANZ) leadership team this month as Director of Clinical Engagement. Change Healthcare recognises Róisín as a respected change agent for progressing health industry processes across Australia and New Zealand.

“Appointing Róisín as Director of Clinical Engagement supports Change Healthcare ANZ’s strategy to help strengthen and optimise healthcare processes through the use of innovative technology,” says Cathryn Lancaster, Change Healthcare ANZ General Manager. “Her genuine compassion for patients and their families, and practical approach to improving healthcare efficiency are significant assets to the Australia and New Zealand health sector.”

“Change Healthcare are genuinely keen to hear and learn from the clinical voice so they can deliver solutions that are intuitive, easy to use and actually help every day,” says Róisín. “So it was a no-brainer for me to accept the role.”

In her new role, Róisín provides clinical leadership, strategic direction and design input for Change Healthcare solutions. She also supports the implementation and sustainability of Change Healthcare solutions for customers. “Exciting new advancements such as technology innovations are now ever present, making now an even more exciting time to be in health,” says Róisín.

Róisín is a registered nurse and has over 20 years of experience in the healthcare industry, both private and public, in Australia and Ireland. She has led the implementation of medium and large clinical projects, including Capacity Planner (MCP) and Executive Capacity Management Dashboard (ECMD) at West Moreton Hospital and the Queensland Health Service (the first global customer for ECMD).

Her clinical experience includes Director of Clinical Governance and Director of Strategy at West Moreton, and Nursing Director, Nurse Unit Manager and project roles at Mater Health South Brisbane.

“I have been very fortunate being in positions that gave me the opportunity to develop and contribute to models of care, which have been formally recognised and awarded,” says Róisín. “However, when I think about high points in my career, there are two that always come to mind. The first, organising for a patient with terminal brain cancer to tick having her first cocktail off her bucket list – the sheer joy on her face when she took her first sip was extraordinary! The second was when I met an ex brain tumour patient in a large shopping centre years later, looking strong and healthy.”

Róisín finds working in different areas of health very rewarding. “I am passionate about contributing in a positive way to the healthcare journey for patients and families to have a safe, consistent and pleasant experience during a time when they are at their most vulnerable.”

Like a lot of people in healthcare, she likes to listen. “I like to really understand my customers’ needs, and then in close collaboration with other members of the Change Healthcare team, translate those needs into our solutions.”

Another key driver for Róisín is her strong sense of service and wanting to help making healthcare work better. “Being a registered nurse I am motivated by a strong sense of professionalism, with a high level of integrity,” she says. “I am committed to upholding the timeless values of honesty and personal responsibility.”

Róisín is excited to continue helping healthcare customers’ work more efficiently. “Change Healthcare solutions actively contribute to the work environment for staff,” says Róisín. “They make their day less reactive through the application of predictive analysis to aid decision making and positively contribute to patients’ journeys by facilitating a safer and efficient journey through the system. The solutions do exactly what they say they will.”

In her spare time, Róisín enjoys spending time with family, staying active, sports, and travelling. After moving to Australia, she is now a self-confessed beach addict.

View Róisín’s LinkedIn profile here.

Change Healthcare again lead supporter of major digital healthcare event

April, 2017

Change Healthcare have been announced as platinum sponsor for the eHealth Queensland Expo 2017, one of Australia’s leading digital healthcare events.

Recognising the critical importance of digital innovation to improving the delivery of healthcare services is behind Change Healthcare Australia New Zealand’s decision to again sponsor the eHealth Queensland Expo 2017, a showcase of digital transformation in healthcare.

“eHealth Queensland is excited to welcome Change Healthcare back as the platinum sponsor for the eHealth Queensland Expo for the second year in a row,” says Dr Richard Ashby, eHealth Queensland’s CEO.

“We wouldn’t be able to run this event without Change Healthcare’s generous support and commitment to advancing digital health.”

As experts in applying digital technology to optimising healthcare organisations, supporting this kind of event was a straightforward decision for Change Healthcare’s Australia New Zealand, says Kimber Rothwell, the company’s Director of Sales & Marketing.

“Digital technology is transforming industries the world over and the potential for healthcare is no different.  Digital Innovation is impacting clinical research and healthcare delivery. The possibilities are endless and the benefits are enormous.”

Mr Rothwell said the eHealth event on Wednesday 17 May, which brings clinicians, healthcare professionals, IT experts, vendors, start-ups and academia together for a one-day expo will help uncover new opportunities for impacting healthcare delivery.

“As leaders in healthcare, Change Healthcare believe it is important we play a role in supporting organisations like eHealth Queensland who are focussed on accelerating the application of digital innovation in healthcare.”

“We’re very proud to be part of this event and furthering its impact on the delivery of high quality patient care in Australia.”

The Expo is being held on 17 May 2017 at the Royal International Convention Centre, 600 Gregory Tce, Bowen Hills, Brisbane, QLD. More information at

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