Our Shared Principles define who we are at Change Healthcare, and where we are going.

We are a healthcare technology company that offers software, analytics, network solutions, and technology-enabled services to help create a stronger, more collaborative healthcare system. We help deliver measurable value not only at the point of care, but also before, after, and in between care episodes.

Pursue Purpose

As an independent healthcare IT company, we are decidedly objective, which enables us to make the right decisions with you and where you are on your path.

Be Agile

We are an inseparable part of today’s healthcare ecosystem – playing a vital role in helping the system not only function, but also work smarter.

Champion Innovation

We understand the changes impacting the healthcare landscape today, but also have insights on its future evolution and what this means for all stakeholders.

Include All

We are your partner throughout the healthcare journey. We leverage our experience, data, and technology to match your unique data, goals, and priorities.

Earn Trust

We know we are entrusted with the most sensitive information and systems. We are dedicated to providing the highest levels of quality, security, and solutions.

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