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QLD eHealth Expo a great success

May, 2017

Following the very successful QLD eHealth Expo on May 17, Change Healthcare acknowledges the wonderful work in Queensland as we all embrace and focus on the digital transformation in healthcare that is now part of our everyday.

The theme of this year’s expo: Operation Digital: Patient. Clinician. Technology, articulated the power of models of care which have patient co-design at the heart, and the use of technology to support clinicians in delivery of safe and efficient care.

As we anticipated, the QLD eHealth expo brought great minds together with individual and shared experiences, values and ideas. Attendees were challenged, excited and inspired, heard about tangible solutions and received great advice on how to travel the eHealth journey.

Change Healthcare congratulate Dr Richard Ashby and all the eHealth QLD team on a wonderful day. We feel privileged to have been part of it and look forward to the eHealth Expo 2018.

Change Healthcare recognises and appreciates the work nurses do every day

May, 2017

The art and science of nursing is acknowledged today and every day at Change Healthcare. As part of the interdisciplinary team, nurses make a unique contribution to patient care in a multitude of settings. The annual Gallup honesty/ethics poll confirmed nursing as the leading profession when it comes to ethics and honesty since 2001, with the latest survey conducted in December 2016. The report concluded, “On the front-line nurses are in the position to collaborate with patients and use their influence to empower them to take control of their healthcare needs.”

In line with this year’s International Nurses Day theme, Nurses: A Voice to Lead, Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, and acknowledging healthcare is undergoing transformational change, with eHealth playing a driving force, Change Healthcare aims to support nurses and all clinicians to play a pivotal role in the design and implementation of our solutions to better support patient outcomes and health service delivery.

Today there are many eHealth models in place such as telemedicine, telehealth, mHealth, welfare technology, and smart home technology.  Nursing brings a wealth of knowledge which can positively influence future development and eHealth is an important tool for nurses to meet future challenges.

The application of eHealth has transformative benefits, as it:

  • develops healthcare services that are more accessible for patients
  • supports a safer and more efficient patient journey through the system
  • contributes to satisfactory documentation routines and efficient information flow
  • strengthens professional guidance and collaboration within and between professional groups and organisations
  • will enable replacement of physical visits with long-distance contact
  • will enable health promotion and transition to models of wellness, particularly in the chronic disease groups
  • will simplify involvement of patient, family member and volunteers
  • ensures satisfactory continuity of patient follow-up
  • will contribute to development of the role of the nursing and midwifery profession.

The introduction and use of eHealth must occur in line with ethical principles: respect, advocacy, participation in decision-making, dignity and confidentiality. Continuing to provide patient care that is evidence-based with compassion and kindness, is one of the many unique contributions nurses can make. In addition, they can also play a lead role in the design of eHealth solutions and models of care.

Change Healthcare welcomes the opportunity to work with you and looks forward to what we can produce together now and into the future. Click here to contact us.

Change Healthcare secures top talent, appoints new Director of Clinical Engagement

May, 2017

Róisín Dunne joined the Change Healthcare Australia New Zealand (ANZ) leadership team this month as Director of Clinical Engagement. Change Healthcare recognises Róisín as a respected change agent for progressing health industry processes across Australia and New Zealand.

“Appointing Róisín as Director of Clinical Engagement supports Change Healthcare ANZ’s strategy to help strengthen and optimise healthcare processes through the use of innovative technology,” says Cathryn Lancaster, Change Healthcare ANZ General Manager. “Her genuine compassion for patients and their families, and practical approach to improving healthcare efficiency are significant assets to the Australia and New Zealand health sector.”

“Change Healthcare are genuinely keen to hear and learn from the clinical voice so they can deliver solutions that are intuitive, easy to use and actually help every day,” says Róisín. “So it was a no-brainer for me to accept the role.”

In her new role, Róisín provides clinical leadership, strategic direction and design input for Change Healthcare solutions. She also supports the implementation and sustainability of Change Healthcare solutions for customers. “Exciting new advancements such as technology innovations are now ever present, making now an even more exciting time to be in health,” says Róisín.

Róisín is a registered nurse and has over 20 years of experience in the healthcare industry, both private and public, in Australia and Ireland. She has led the implementation of medium and large clinical projects, including Capacity Planner (MCP) and Executive Capacity Management Dashboard (ECMD) at West Moreton Hospital and the Queensland Health Service (the first global customer for ECMD).

Her clinical experience includes Director of Clinical Governance and Director of Strategy at West Moreton, and Nursing Director, Nurse Unit Manager and project roles at Mater Health South Brisbane.

“I have been very fortunate being in positions that gave me the opportunity to develop and contribute to models of care, which have been formally recognised and awarded,” says Róisín. “However, when I think about high points in my career, there are two that always come to mind. The first, organising for a patient with terminal brain cancer to tick having her first cocktail off her bucket list – the sheer joy on her face when she took her first sip was extraordinary! The second was when I met an ex brain tumour patient in a large shopping centre years later, looking strong and healthy.”

Róisín finds working in different areas of health very rewarding. “I am passionate about contributing in a positive way to the healthcare journey for patients and families to have a safe, consistent and pleasant experience during a time when they are at their most vulnerable.”

Like a lot of people in healthcare, she likes to listen. “I like to really understand my customers’ needs, and then in close collaboration with other members of the Change Healthcare team, translate those needs into our solutions.”

Another key driver for Róisín is her strong sense of service and wanting to help making healthcare work better. “Being a registered nurse I am motivated by a strong sense of professionalism, with a high level of integrity,” she says. “I am committed to upholding the timeless values of honesty and personal responsibility.”

Róisín is excited to continue helping healthcare customers’ work more efficiently. “Change Healthcare solutions actively contribute to the work environment for staff,” says Róisín. “They make their day less reactive through the application of predictive analysis to aid decision making and positively contribute to patients’ journeys by facilitating a safer and efficient journey through the system. The solutions do exactly what they say they will.”

In her spare time, Róisín enjoys spending time with family, staying active, sports, and travelling. After moving to Australia, she is now a self-confessed beach addict.

View Róisín’s LinkedIn profile here.

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