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Passion for best practice drives new exec

March, 2016

KarenYapChange Healthcare Australia New Zealand continues to expand its team to support growth with the appointment of Karen Yap. Karen will be joining Change Healthcare ANZ as a Senior Account Executive in early April 2016. Formerly of Cerner and 3M Medical, Karen will lead business development activities in NSW.

Early in her career Karen was involved in the media industry, before entering the health sector. It was when she joined 3M Medical that a whole new world and career opened up.

“I worked closely with nurses and nurse unit managers and saw the important work they did on a daily basis and I wanted to bring solutions that would ease their workload and improve patient care,” says Karen.

At 3M Medical Karen helped to coordinate an award-winning program called UnitingCare Ageing Skin Care Protocol. This protocol ensured that the eight products in the 3M skin care range were mandated for use on all the residents in each of the UnitingCare Ageing facilities. This program was awarded the 3M International Spirit of McKnight Recognition Award in 2011, which was the first time this award was awarded to an individual or team in the APAC region.

The world became larger again after arriving at Cerner. “Healthcare IT opened me up to a world of possibilities and now having been around it for quite some time, I firmly believe that health IT is the biggest lever that will bring gains to healthcare workers, hospitals and ultimately patients,”says Karen. “Each one of us has family and friends and it’s important to me that we’re getting the best healthcare available. I believe this is very much tied to passionate teams that have the talent and drive to educate and inspire new practices.”

Karen’s passion to bring best practices and efficiencies to healthcare, and her solid experience in bringing innovative solutions to market are highly sought after qualities for Change Healthcare. Her success in the industry did not go amiss.

“Some positions come and find you and this was the case with Change Healthcare,” says Karen. “What attracted me to this role is the ability to focus on a number of key solutions and take them to market.”

Karen’s new role involves working with healthcare providers to help them solve capacity issues. “In an age of tightening budgets and limited resources, doing more with less is now a necessity. The Capacity Management suite allows customers to achieve this with demonstrable benefits,” says Karen.

In her spare time Karen enjoys travelling, cycling and spending time with friends and family. One of her greatest travel experiences was having the opportunity to trek up to the top of Mt Kilimanjaro, 5895m above sea level.

Karen looks forward to starting her new role in April and embodying the Change Healthcare values in the Australian marketplace through interactions with prospective and existing clients.

View Karen’s LinkedIn profile here.

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