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Change Healthcare invests in growth

November, 2015


Change Healthcare Australia New Zealand continues its investment in the market with the appointment of the highly experienced Toni Laracuente. Toni joined the Change Healthcare team in mid-September 2015. She is focussed on business development in QLD, VIC and NT and executive account management for current customers.

Toni has significant experience working in the health sector, with 25 years in healthcare including critical care nursing, health management and senior level business experience. This empowers her to look at situations from both a clinical and business perspective, which is advantageous for understanding Change Healthcare customer needs and working with them to identify solutions.

Toni believes that efficiency, quality and safety are critical drivers for modern delivery of healthcare. “The Change Healthcare suite provides market leading tools to support these objectives. Additionally, Change Healthcare is a global leader in health care technology and known for their quality and integrity. These attributes are very important to me,” says Toni.

Her goal is to facilitate improved clinical and operation outcomes in health care. “Technology is an enabler of transformational change in how we provide care and coupled with the right mix of leadership and culture, it can improve the lives of patients and everyone involved in care delivery,” she says.

In her spare time Toni is passionate about horses and family. She has a 12 year old daughter, enjoys riding and training dressage horses, and is actively involved in volunteer work for equestrian sport.

Toni is happy to be a part of the Change Healthcare team and looks forward to contributing to their success in the region.

View Toni’s LinkedIn profile here

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